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BELAGRO-2016 XXVI international specialized exhibition

Location: AG.Shchomyslitsa, 28, Minsk district, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Exhibition sections:
- Machinery, technologies and equipment for agricultural production, farm and greenhouses.
- Agricultural products
- Agrochemistry, means of protection of plants and soil.
- Husbandry.
- Machinery, technologies and equipment for livestock and poultry.
- Feeds and feed additives.
- Veterinary drugs and medicines.
- Building constructions, energy equipment, software.
- Seeds, plants, technological equipment for grain processing.
Refrigeration equipment and technology.
- Packaging and filling equipment, materials, containers, labels for agricultural purposes.
- Beekeeping.
- Spare parts and accessories.
- Special literature.
This international agricultural forum is always of great interest to those working in the industry, as well as of agricultural scientists, professionals and managers - anyone who produces and supplies agriculture machinery and equipment.
The annual leading forum farmers "BELAGRO" summarizes international experience in the agricultural machinery, is a search for original innovative solutions in the field of environmentally safe materials and waste-free technologies.
A special exposition of achievements of the national farmers annually organizes the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Belarus. The latest developments will demonstrate the scientific and practical centers of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for agriculture mechanization, agronomy, potato growing, vegetable and fruit growing and food. Scientific and practical center of NAS Belarus for animal breeding and GO "belplemzhivobedinenie" organize a special exposition of achievements of domestic livestock and poultry.
Planned a large number of seminars, meetings with scientists, developers of technology.
Participation in the exhibition gives you the opportunity to find new partners, learn new trends in the development of the agricultural sector, to exchange experience, to represent their products, show latest innovations.
In the framework of the international specialized exhibition will take place the 3rd international specialized salon BIOGAS - 2016
- Collection, transportation, storage, treatment (biogas)
- Fermentation, use of fermentation waste
- Utilization of biogas
- Instrumentation (biogas)
- Manufacturer of biogas plants turnkey
- Others in the group Biogas
In the exhibition program:
- conferences, seminars
- press conference, business meeting
- presentations of Russian and foreign firms
Project Manager:
Marina S. Yakubov
phone/Fax (city) (+375-17) 334-01-54
GSM (+375 29) 128 94 48


13-15 September 2016

Europe assesses the risk of using nanoparticles in animal feed

Europe assesses the risk of using nanoparticles in animal feed
The European Agency of quality control of food products (EFSA) plans to update the guidance documents in the field of risk assessment of nanomaterials in the supply chain products in the food and feed industry.

The corresponding statement was made by Professor Tony hardy (Tony Hardy), Chairman of the scientific Committee of EFSA, according to which industry the use of particle size from 1 to 1000 nanometers in the feed industry in recent years rapidly developed. In this regard, according to him, today she deserves the most careful attention of governing bodies.

As the experts of EFSA, at present, the nanomaterials can be present in several products available on the market, but very often this fact is not properly indicated on the label and in the product description.

EFSA will assess the risks associated with using nanomaterials to make an expert opinion on the need for the application of new certification standards and designation of these materials in products for the feed industry.

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Requirements for organic feed in the EU will toughen

Requirements for organic feed in the EU will toughen
From December 2017 organic feed for poultry in the EU must contain no more than 5% of inorganic elements, indicated in the new Directive

European Commission. In addition, the use of synthetic amino acids in animal feed will be completely prohibited.

The regulator expects that innovation will significantly improve the state of the industry. Lately on the market there were fears that many producers of organic products actually use an excessive amount of synthetic materials for feeding productive animals, resulting in the declared characteristics of naturalness of the final product can be questioned.

Scientists from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands has published a report outlining several possible practices that would comply with the requirements of the new legislation and still maintain the profitability of the business.

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International forum of poultry farmers


International forum of poultry farmers. The Russian poultry Union FNTS "VNITIP Russian Academy of Sciences
Location: Lipetsk, Russian Federation
23-26 may 2016.
23 may – arrival and accommodation in hotel "Mercure" or "Laguna"
May 24 – opening Day of the International Forum of Poultry breeders, the venue – an administrative and business centre of the SEZ "Lipetsk":
registration of participants of the Forum,
plenary session FNTS "VNITIP Russian Academy of Sciences,
visiting the plant "TEKHNA",
the gala dinner.
25 may – a full program of presentations by leading professionals from the poultry industry and representatives of science, venue – conference hall of the hotel "Mercure".
26 may – opening of the plant "MEGAMIX". The Closing Of The International Forum Of Poultry Farmers.
Participation in the Forum is free!
Hotels "Mercure" and "Laguna" provides a 20% discount on accommodation for Forum participants.
Registration for the Forum