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The Caspian-black sea agricultural Congress. April 12-13, 2016, Baku, Azerbaijan. JW MARRIOTT Absheron Baku

The Caspian-black sea agricultural Congress. April 12-13, 2016, Baku, Azerbaijan. JW MARRIOTT Absheron Baku

In Germany chicken has laid egg weighing 184 grams

The German farmer Günter Mejne from Volfenbyuttel has found huge egg weighing 184 grams which applies for the status of "the second egg of the world" in the hen house.

The German mass media write that egg can be included in the Guinness Book of Records. But on the second place as the first surely holds 454-gram egg laid in the USA.

Now on the second place 148-gram egg from Cuba which positions are "threatened" by the German copy. The farmer needed only to record egg weight officially.

TOP-7 producers of eggs of Ukraine 2015

According to the Union of poultry breeders of Ukraine, in our country during 2015 in comparison with previous year production of eggs was reduced by 14,3% — to 16,78 billion штук has made a rating "TOP-7 the largest producers of eggs of Ukraine" for 2015. The position of the company in a rating was defined according to the occupied share in the market.

Decline in production is connected with military operations on Donbass and annexation by Russia of the Crimea therefore a number of the enterprises of branch has stopped. Especially negatively the situation was reflected in production capacities of Avangard Group therefore the company has been forced to suspend work of several branches in above-mentioned regions.

At the same time the prices of eggs in domestic market have considerably grown that experts explain with sharp increase of cost of production of poultry farming. From November, 2014 to February, 2015 the tendency of increase in the prices of main types the zernofurazhnykh of cultures was observed — during this time their growth has made more than 50%. As in cost of products of poultry farming 60-65% are the share of compound feed, respectively, this factor has led to her increase. Devaluation of hryvnia has negatively influenced branch also.

Today one of the perspective markets for the Ukrainian producers of eggs are the European Union countries. Ukraine has the corresponding quota of export of chicken food eggs in number of 3 thousand tons and on egg products — 1,5 thousand tons. This fact motivates domestic producers to modernize production and to introduce higher quality standards of production. Unfortunately, today only two Ukrainian companies have got permission to export of egg products to EU countries among which there is Ovostar Union Group. Also It should be noted that for domestic exporters the markets of the countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa are perspective.

The market of fodder phosphates surely grows

The world market of fodder phosphates will grow in volume from 9 million tons in 2014 to 10 million tons in 2017, it is noted in the report of the analytical company CRU. By 2030 this figure has to step over a mark of 12 million tons, experts are convinced. At the same time, the main growth is necessary on the countries of Asia and Africa while the market of fodder phosphates in Europe which volume is estimated at 1.5 million tons for this period today will grow only slightly.

Approximately similar data are presented in the report on the market of fodder phosphates of analytical agency Markets and Markets. Experts note that by 2020 the market size will grow in terms of money to 5.8 billion dollars, at the same time the main growth is necessary on the Pacific Rim, and in particular China and India where in the next years rapid growth of demand for a bird and pork will be noted.

Farmers hold sunflower — plants are underloaded

In oil and fat branch of Ukraine there was a difficult situation — almost all plants are underloaded now.

Candidate of Economic Sciences, the member of the supervisory board of "Nezhinsky fat plant" Oleg Voloshchuk has told about it in interview of
According to him, farmers hold sunflower as a gold and exchange stock which protects from inflation.

"Now beginning of March. The sowing campaign started, but we don't see sale of large volumes of seeds, so need of farmers for current assets yet not big. Landowners continue to hold high price, with the price less than 11 thousand UAH/t — don't approach. There have to pass 2-3 weeks that they "have ripened" and have understood that the price has fallen by 500 UAH" — Oleg Voloshchuk says.

Through it almost all plants of branch are underloaded and if in February, according to him, 2-3 plants didn't work, then now very many people work for 50% or have completely stopped production.

"They do planned repairs now in order that later actively will join. If earlier in July all plants finished processing and overhauls before a new season spent month, then now very many people think that it is possible to make repair in the spring. For this period it is possible to save up seeds and to begin work without stops till future harvest" — Oleg Voloshchuk has explained.

We will remind, as of February 25 of the price of sunflower on terms of delivery of EXW an elevator 10700-11000 UAH/t, SRT made plant — 11000-11300 UAH/t, FOB ports of the Black Sea — 400-410 dollars/t.