Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s

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The Cabinet of Ministers has promised transparency of compensation of the VAT

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved an order of maintaining registers about compensation of the VAT. It is stated in the resolution KMU No. 68, the published nasayt of the government.

In the resolution it is specified that registers are formed in a chronological order on sequence of inclusion of tax declarations or the specifying calculations as a part of which applications are submitted.

Statements will automatically join in the register during the operational day and to be published daily on the official site of the Public fiscal service.
"Registers of statements for return of the sum of the budgetary compensation of the VAT join the applications submitted after February 1, 2016" — is specified in the resolution.

Production of the frozen meat grows in Ukraine

In January production of the frozen pork, beef and chicken meat has grown, and here production of fresh — is reduced.
Public service of statistics reports about it.

Within January, 2016 in Ukraine 2,4 thousand tons of the fresh or cooled KRS meat are made that is 18% less, than for the similar period of 2015. In comparison with December production was reduced by 53,1%.

At the same time production of the KRS frozen meat I have made 0,8 thousand tons. what is more than 131% more, than in January, 2015. For December production was reduced by 55,4%.

Production is fresher or the cooled pork it was reduced na1,5 by %, to 17,4 thousand tons in comparison with January, 2015 and for 28,4% in comparison with December.
The frozen pork within January 1,2 thousand tons are made (-26% by the corresponding period and +22,4% by December).

The cooled fowl in January 56,2 thousand tons are made, and it is 5,3% less, than in January of last year and for 9,4%, than in December.
The frozen fowl 19,8 thousand tons are made. — 86,1% more in comparison with January, 2015. In comparison with December production has grown by 22,4%.

China expands use of import compound feeds

Growth of use of import compound feeds and fodder components is observed in China against expansion and commercialization of production of animal husbandry, it is noted in the report of service of economic researches of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USA. At the same time, very important shift in a trade turnover as China even more often buys compound feeds and raw materials outside the USA is noted today.

As experts emphasize, the Chinese cattle breeders almost completely depend today on soy import, at the same time buying corn mainly in domestic market. Experts consider that the Chinese industry of animal husbandry reached now that point in which it has any more no opportunity to provide the requirements at the expense of only internal resources.

In 2015 China was the leading importer of soy, a colza, barley, a sorghum and rybokostny flour who were directly or indirectly used in the fodder purposes. For the last 30 years the country showed unprecedented increase in demand for fodder components - from 5 million tons in 1982 to 198 million tons in 2014. At the same time, today the traditional supplier of fodder raw materials – the USA - loses the positions in the country because of strong dollar and a number of trade disagreements, it is marked out in the report.

The livestock of a bird in January was reduced by 3,8% to 198,8 million heads

In January, 2015 the livestock of a bird was reduced by 3,8%, or by 3362,2 thousand heads in comparison with January, 2015, and made 198864,4 thousand heads, without taking into account ARE the Crimea and Sevastopol. Public service of statistics reported about it.The livestock of a bird in individual farms was reduced by 0,1%, or by 67,1 thousand heads, and made 85,7 million heads. The livestock of a bird in the agricultural enterprises was reduced by 6,4%, or by 7702,1 thousand heads, and made 113 million heads.

The sunflower significantly rose in price

The prices of sunflower for the last two weeks considerably grew. If a week before last increase in prices made 400 UAH/t, on last — already 400-500 UAH/t on terms of delivery an EXW elevator and SRT-port. About it is reported it is told in the review published by the Agrarian union of Ukraine.

As of February 3 of the price on terms of delivery the EXW elevator was reached by 10000-10200 UAH/t, and SRT-port — 10200-10500 UAH/t.
As experts explain, such tendency is caused as internal factors (depreciation to hryvnia), and external (increase in prices in the market of sunflower oil). In turn increase in prices for sunflower oil happens under the influence of increase in the prices of palm-oil and insignificant restoration of prices of oil. Besides, Malaysian council predicts further increase in prices for palm-oil because of reduction in production expectations.